About CDAM

What we seek to provide you

  • 13 year track record
  • A high level of transparency
  • The commitment and service we give to our families

Who we do it for

  • Our families
  • People and institutions who share our values and investment philosophy

How we do it

  • We seek to allocate capital to a small number of what we believe are undervalued listed securities in developed markets. We hold these securities for as long as it takes, in our view, to generate the maximum return.
  • We also seek to insure capital against unpleasant market events by buying what we perceive as undervalued exchange-traded derivatives.
  • We believe that this approach, founded on our backgrounds in the broader financial markets, allows us to deliver equity-like returns but with bond-like volatility.

Our investment philosophy:

We strive to:

  • Achieve consistent returns, irrespective of market conditions
  • Identify investments that we believe satisfy our ‘3 pillars’: i) margin of safety and capital protection; ii) identifiable path to return; and iii) a reasonable time frame to generate the maximum return
  • Avoid large drawdowns
  • Achieve more return for less risk

Our Team

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Adam Chamberlain


Scott Davies,CFA


Chuck Chmura

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Cyrus Jahanchahi

Senior Analyst

Tanya Taylor

Office Manager & EA

Alderman William Russell

Non-Exec Chairman

George Chamberlain


Our Office


16 Clifford Street, 4th Floor London

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